Pay us less. Seriously.

Consumers Energy Advisor is here to help you shrink your bill. Answer a few simple questions, and we'll give you a free, easy-to-follow plan to reduce your energy use. Would a $10 gift card get you going? It's yours. And you'll get more cash along the way. *See details below

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We're not kidding.

When you use less energy, it actually saves us money. (Here's why.) So we've designed a service that's totally different from others you've seen. It isn't a laundry list of pie-in-the-sky stuff - it's a manageable plan that's personalized for you and lets you know what kind of savings to expect.

We'll even give you a $10 Visa® gift card just to get started!
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  1. Answer a few questions and receive a manageable, personalized plan for improvements.
  2. Connect with your energy advisor (a real live human being!) to get helpful advice for implementing your plan. You can offset some of your improvement costs with rebates, and you'll pick up some cash perks along the way.
  3. Watch your bill shrink. Enjoy your comfortable house. Congratulate yourself.
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This is the real deal.

This service is different from anything you've seen before. Our research shows that when you make an energy-efficient improvement - or two, or three - you'll begin seeing some savings, but you'll truly get the most for your money when you do five or more specially targeted improvements - that's when the magic starts to happen.

Our plan will guide you through a series of improvements designed just for you, so you don't even have to think about what to do next. You just follow the plan, pay us less money and smile.

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